Holy rusted rocks Batman, it’s a two parter?!

That’s right, this time around I finally got out to film some. I kinda decided onsite to stalk one particular person to see how he and his team play, communicate and move. I though the first take was okay, so I decided to stalk him and his team one more time. That’s why you don’t see me filming everybody from all kinds of angles.

I think it worked out pretty good and will probably try it again some more next time. If you’re thinking it’s hella boring and you don’t see a lot of different guns and gear… well think of it this way, it’s a learning video. I want to show how people play, what kind of people play and in some cases, how not to play.

Sure you’ll probably miss the killstreak videos and POV madness and I will make more of those as well. But for now, I’m thinking I’ll try this approach some more. Enjoy