Video diary from the Milsim held at Jyderup, Denmark

Danish Milsim event held at Jyderup.

First off, let me warn you – the video is boring as fuck. If you think all Milsims have a BBQ, a ton of pickup trucks with turrets on the roof top and small villages used by the military… well think again. Some Milsims are actually… well Milsim.

The OP was a 40 hour mission, where I and my team (SCAR Inc.) were part of a NATO force sent to recon the evil Russians (rebels).

Our ROE rules were that we were only allowed to shoot back to defend ourselves. Since this was a Recon mission, we had to stay low and clear of all sorts of contact. Our main mission to find HVT both soft and hard.

We were dropped off-game on a public road at 8:00pm, here we to get ready and await the GO to step in-game.

By the time we got ourselves into the AO, it was already dark. We quickly established a FOB or BSO – our the guys with NVGs could do late night recon.

Once the next day stared all Teams were sent out to recon the area.

For the most of day 2, recon reports got sent back and firefights were at a minimal. Several objectives were spotted and taken care of accordingly.

My team (SCAR Inc.) we managed to go from one point of the map to the other with almost no enemy contact (fire fight) and no casualties. That’s pretty impressive considering we started our mission from 06:00am till around 01:00pm. By this time we tired and needed to head back to refuel.

Day 3 was more intense as we were given more aggressive orders to take out key players on the Russian faction.


Overall it was hard even though the trigger wasn’t pulled as much as a usual gaming day. But the challenges we took upon were physical and mental exhaustion – fatigue was our main enemy in most cases.

Anyways – a lot does happen at a Milsim and a AAR can’t cover all of it, so enjoy the video and hope to write you guys more soon.

New RS Helmet enters the market - the MTEK FLUX

The MTEK FLUX helmet enters the tactical market – and boy does it look awesome.

MTEK is a small US company that over the last 10 years have been using their combat experience to develop better solutions for our armed men and women, but also the civilian market as well. With Armored protection being a key element in their business they recently released the new MTEK FLUX helmet.


First off is the FLUX Carbon series. Available as both a Vented (V) and a Solid (S) version. The Helmet features their very own FLUXLINER padding system, which definitely looks comfy and can be switched around to better fit the individual users head – besides that, the inners also offers impact protection, Channeled design for better airflow and meets ACH Impact requirements.


The ballistic series will be released later on, hopefully by the end of this year.
The helmet comes with the FLUX Accessory Rails that supports M-lok rails. What’s really interesting about the helmet is there are no holes that keeps all the things in place. The helmet is molded with inserts for the bolt/screws, so there aren’t any holes to weaken the overall structure of the helmet.


On the front you get a Wilcox L4 Shroud, which also is attached via a bolt-less configuration – and if you’re into gear – Wilcox doesn’t need a lot of explaining.

static1.squarespaceWhat’s really interesting is that the whole FLUX helmet system is modular. You can configure it to suit your needs, may you be in service over seas, LE, private contractor or civilian the helmet can be set up to offer more protection, custom padding placement (because our brains aren’t always the same size), rails on/off… So the helmet is going to tailor to a lot of different kids on the tactical playground.


Go to for more information about the MTEK FLUX helmet, because there is a ton of good stuff to check out. Pre-order is up for the carbon version of the helmet, so be sure to stop by and take advantage of that offer.

Danish Milsim approaching soon

Milsim approaching

Man, oh man… Have I been busy with a lot of things.  I’ve been busy with a lot of training with the team – SCAR Inc. in case you were wondering. It’s awesome to get back to some basic fundamentals with weapons handling and reaction shooting again – refining the old moves is nothing but beneficial to your gameplay. We’ve also been doing some CQB training since we had the opportunity to train at the indoors field at ‘Hardball hallen’.
Hardball hallen airsoft
We’re getting more into training videos as we are filming the sessions and hoping to share our journey with the world and show off Airsoft as a serious sport. And just like any sport, training is must if you want to become better. We’re filming mostly for the teams YouTube channel, but I’ll put the videos on my own playlist so it might generate some traffic both ways. But finally getting to film these videos with the guys is just awesome. So hopefully soon we’ll be putting out a lot of great training videos for you guys.

Another thing that has been taking my time away is Metal Gear Solid V for the PC. That game is just way too easy to pick up and start playing for a few… many hours. I highly recommend you get try it out as it has a lot to offer in terms of gameplay, story and basic tacticool ingame stuff.


But the main focus right at least for the next couple of days will be an upcoming Danish Milsim event. The overall basis for the OP is NATO vs. Russian rebels.

The event will be a 40 hour Airsoft Milsim at Jyderup forest field – a real Milsim… not that baby shit stuff they do State side. NATO will not have a FOB – so what we bring, we gotta carry because we gotta use it. Tents, sleeping bags and food. So for the OP, I’ll be freezing my ass off while sleeping on a rock…. weee!

Looking forwards to what might be the last Milsim of the year, so hopefully the weather gods will smile upon us and we’ll have some great moments.







Airsoft - When you win a little in life, pass it on to somebody else

I happen to be the extra lucky bastard that won a pair of glasses by Haley Strategic Partners. The free giveaway was held by Tactical-Kit UK and for some strange reason they picked me to receive a free pair of HSP Player.

But the glasses I won, which I was planning on using for Airsoft, weren’t the ballistic model. So my initial thought was to sell them and make a quick buck.

But giving it some thought, I wrote the guys at Tactical-Kit and arranged something else instead.

I hope you all find some inspiration in my little video and please remember to pass on the good in your life to others.

Airsoft eps#14 - Jyderup

Finally got a new Airsoft eps up

Airsoft eps #14 - Jyderup playing field
Airsoft eps #14 – Jyderup playing field

What’s up internet! Finally I got around to edit and upload a new video from the world of Airsoft in Denmark. This time around it’s from the Airsoft field “Jyderup” held by Holbæk Hardball Forening.

It wasn’t the biggest turnout, but we managed to get a couple of nice games anyways. I kinda found out this time around, that filming woodland type games is really difficult, because you can’t film the same intense action due to longer distances between teams.

So don’t expect extremely insane ultra action, I also edited the video to show more of the field because a lot of Danish players don’t know about it or feel the field is too far away and not worth playing on – which it total is.

Great players and a big field is also a winning combination – looking forward to go back for more gaming and filming.

Oh and yea I forgot to charge the battery for my camera, so that’s probably a reason as well for lack of more action…

Anyways hope you’ll enjoy the this Airsoft eps #14

Kireru Airsoft on Instagram

Instagram is filled with Airsoft, Gear and Kireru as well

In case you’ve missed the ‘Kireru Airsoft Instagram’ feed out to the right side, here’s a little reminder to follow me on Instagram.

I usually take pictures of other players Airsoft guns and gear when I’m out playing. Sometimes I might post stuff from work – since I work with Airsoft. I also post a few small clips, but usually the video stuff goes up on my Youtube channel.

Here’s what the last few pictures look like.

Be sure to look for #Kireruairsoft on Instagram and please follow me. If you have any pictures you want featured on Instagram, just send them my way and they’ll get posted.



MERCs Airsoft Milsim 2015

Finally got settled again after the Big Game/Milsim MERCs in Sweden. There was a great show of players this year, with about 7 in-game vehicles on each faction.

We were about 200 players that showed up for the game and it was a blast. I wish I could have shot some action video with my rig, but bringing the stabilizer and my Canon 70D out to a 48 hour Milsim in a Swedish forest would have been way too stressing for me.

We quickly got our camp up and running, with some of us squatting in tents that were provided on-site and others bringing their own. This year was different since our camp was off-game while previous years they were in-game. This was both a pleasant change and a let down. It’s nice to be able to take of your glasses, enjoy your food and taking a rest when needed without worrying about getting shot in the face. However the thrill and suspense that an enemy team might attack your camp was also missed.

Me and my team SCAR Inc. did what we could to provide our command with the best options available by doing all the missions we were handed. Averaging 24 hours without sleep, we completed all our missions and even volunteering to do lesser action-packed ones like guarding our command HQ at night.

This year we were certainly pushing our bodies and minds beyond what we were used to and succeed regardless. So a big personal WIN for each and all of us.

Here are some pictures from the game. Hopefully E22 (Karsten) will finish off our video from the game showcasing a lot more action.



If you want to read more about MERCs and the other types of events the organizers have, please visit Cannibal Hippies 

Airsoft - Guns, kills and Dubstep

I felt like doing a short kill streak compilation video just like everybody else does filled with way too much music.

Guns, kills and Dubstep video

Personally I quickly got tired of making those kinds of kill streak videos as they only show so much. Consider it a glorified masturbation video for your own personal use. I want to… and NEED to show more of Airsofters playing Airsoft and do more training videos showing of the more serious side of Airsoft.

There are so many levels to Airsoft – but it’s mostly the fast paced speedball videos with kill streaks or big Milsim events where you don’t really see anything happening and again.. self masturbation to whoever uploaded it (me included!). I know it’s very hard to showcase all the different kinds of Airsoft play types – but hopefully I’m on the right path to show the serious side to more people and get Denmark on the world map regarding Airsoft.

The message towards the end is my plea to all Airsofters around the world. I hope we can show Airsoft of being a serious sport and hobby. Please do more training, more serious gameplays, but in the end it’s all about having fun.

Enjoy the video – please remember to subscribe and share the video to all your Airsoft friends, both new and old players.

Kireru Airsoft is also on Facebook @

I got you mayn!

Here’s a short video from gaming at Hardball Heaven a few weeks back. As you will see, it’s a pistol kill streak clip. However the main reason I uploaded it, was because the guy at the end shoots me, even though I shot him first just a moment before he took shots at me.

Anyways the guy accepted my “call out” – and just to prove myself right… I uploaded the video.

Now he argued that he would have felt something since the distance between us was so short and that’s why he didn’t call hit. But that’s how it is when it’s Airsoft.
He was a champ for raising his hand at the end on my word alone… that’s fair play.

Airsoft eps #12

So I went gaming about two weeks ago at Badboys Airsoft. They have this woodland area with various types of cover spread out all around the field. I took along my Gimbal and my Canon 70D and shot some of the action there.

I’ve been really busy lately and Sunday gaming is my therapeutic way of releasing a lot of the stress – so filming isn’t always first on my list. But as time goes by, this will change. At the end of July I will be attending the Milsim MERCs in Sweden. Hopefully soon after that I will be releasing a new series of videos for you Airsofters out there – so stay tuned.

Enjoy the video