IWA 2014 report

Ok finally got some spare time to post a bunch of pictures. There is alot from my works booth, ActionSportGames. If you want to see even more of how our booth was like or see some more pictures of the EVO. Please go to www.facebook.com/actionsportgames

IWA was amazing, its really really really huge. I had the chance to see a lot of airsoft and real steel stuff. If you ever get the chance to go, DO IT! Enjoy the pictures and sorry for the late post.

IWA 2014

Wednesday the 5th I am heading off to IWA 2014 in Germany. If you don’t know what IWA is – well it’s the European version of SHOTshow.

There will be guns, gears, booth babes, knife and bazookas… but most importantly there will be Airsoft. Which is why I’m heading down there. I’ll be covering the trade show for ASG’s Facebook page “TEAM ASG” and of course helping out at our booth 7-506.

But when I have the time I’ll be sure to post a little extra here. So stay tuned and stay frosty.

Airsoft eps #2

Rodes Hardball heaven.
Special event “product testing day”. Went out with my coworkers to try out some new toys. My main rifle broke down, so i switched to my trusted sidearm.

Airsoft eps #1

CQB skirmish fights at Espergærde. Abandon building complex with some green in between. Was a great place for 10v10 type games.

The part at 15:15 when i start laughing like an insane person, is because the guy I spotted just before, spotted me through a window and started shootin… but the window was still intake and it took him about 5 shoots before realizing that. I thought it was funny at the moment.

Milsim "MERCs"

Some footage from the Milsim event MERC’s in sweden 2013.
The weather was really shitty with loads of rain. We had a lot of great fire fights since my factions base was located directly between two other factions.

In this clip you  see me and my team try to take the hill. Several other teams have already attempted to take the hill, you see them on the hill side bleed out.