Wish it was rain

Back in 2013 for MERCs – we had the pleasure of doing an 48 hour Milsim in the rain.  Right now with the hot summer sun, burning us all alive, a litte rain goes a long way. This picture was featured on ActionSportGames Facebook page found here.

Left to right

Mario – Mich –  Kireru (that’s me BTW)



MERCs X - milsim (Debrief)

So finally got myself settled back into a routine with work, workout, life, grocery shopping and crime fighting and so on.

But MERCs was a great time, saw a lot of Airsoft friends, some i consider real friends as well. We all had a good time and our team “BOTS” won the whole event. Pride was felt on the ride home.

We were lucky with the weather, which saw a little rain Saturday, but nothing killer. However the game area was cut in half due to some technical difficulties and dispute over who the owner was over the land. Oh well, in the end we all had a good time, good fun, good kills and insane Swedish hospitality.

Enjoy the pics, I’ll try and post the video footage sometime soon.



Gamers tactical choice

So a few weeks ago, my old class mate asked me if I still played Airsoft – I said hell yea!
Then he asked me if I still had all my gear – I said Fuck yea!
Then he asked if the company he works for, could borrow it for a promo video – and of course I asked which company and he replied “Steelseries” – i said… No way, HELL FUCKING YEA!

I’m a gamer in my sparetime when I’m not an Operator (not the phone kind) So it was my pleasure to help out the Danish based company with some gear. Be sure to check out the video!

Airsoft eps #6

FINALLY got my lazy ass around to publish the 6th installment of my ongoing videos.
This time I wanted to do something different, instead of the high light type videos, showing mass kills, headshots, knife kills and such… I wanted to show something so boring as actual gameplay.

Now, before you start bitching about the length of the video, the lack of entertainment… Remember a game is so much more than getting the kills… You got situation awareness, weapons manipulation, form and a lot of other fancy words.

So I just showing off how guys play, how boring the game can be at games before they lead up to that one sweet kill shot.

The latter part of the video, my buddy Mario actually picks up the camera and films me, which was awesome because I get to look at how I do will all those fancy words I mentioned before. And there is a lot of improvement to be made… which is ok, because I got a lot of Sundays to practice :)


I am EVO

Welcome to the Evolution – Exclusive first look

So when you work for one of the biggest Airsoft companies in Europe – you get to see a lot of what goes on behind the closed doors.  But being a player myself, I got the unique chance to go out and field test the new CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 by ActionSportGames.

The model I had was a 0-series, meaning it wasn’t the final production model. I’m bound by contract not to disclose any information about the performance or review on the EVO… but i got to say it puts a lot of AEGs to shame!
So take it as a shameless plug or just enjoy these images and look forward for this puppy to hit the stores!

The pictures are super large… that’s actually a graphical technical term… Super large pictures.


I see green people

Finally got around to post some pictures from the night game last Saturday. You might notice a lot of NVG’s – well you got to use them at some point. I got to borrow a pair oof PVS-7’s by Ronin.

Night time games are always special to play. When two teams with NVGs meet in a dark Forrest… well it’s like a bunch of retarded kids playing war – limit FOV, depth perception is off, IR lasers and lights are all over the place, you bang your leg into a bunch of stuff… But it’s all worth it to see green people!
People were great and the field was hella cool as well. Be sure to check out badboyshardball.dk if you live in Denmark for more details on where and when… well once they get their homepage up and running.

Now, in my last post I wrote i had a little something special, which I do! Just need the final GO before I can post it… so stay tuned.


Airsoft Sunday

So went out for a “pick-up” game. You know, the games where you have no idea who’s gonna show up, but you’re fairly sure it’s going to be the speedball type games. Now I dont mind speedball type games, if you play them far apart. They tend to become very linear and bottle necke very fast, specially of small or medium size playing fields (unless they are awesome with flanking options).

But anyways, I’ll write a bigger piece one day on my take on the different Airsoft type games and players, so for now enjoy the pictures. Have a good one.

Weapons of choice

So there’s always a need for more toys – well I’m still hoping tomorrow brings good weather and a place for gaming. So here’s a quick picture of which tools I have the option of bringing with me. Yea yea i know, a lot of M4’s. But it is a great platform to work with.