Summer madness

So like… where the hell have I been the last few…months?

Well, the short and simple answer is – EVERYWHERE & NOWHERE. 

A few weeks ago I had a short summer vacation, but it wasn’t all beaches, sun and playboy bunnies. I had to get a wisdom tooth pulled out with what I would describe as being “skull raped”. So my summer vacation was more or less spent on trying to recover back into what would seem to be a normal cranial function and movement.

Thank god for the invention of pain killers, I’m back on top and ready to get back into the Airsoft blogging.

First thing, I haven’t had a lot of game time during the summer… ok ok maybe a little relaxing was required while the sun was out blazing, but I’ve been busy with work as well. So I’m kinda excused.

But remember the last post about me getting a CZ P-o9 by ASG and that I had plans to pimp it up? Well seems somebody beat me to it, because just a few days ago I found this beauty.

Ehobby KJW customOh man, this thing is banging! I was really interesting in getting a Glock for a SAI setup (the whole red dot, multi color scheme really is eye candy), but I decided when I got the P-09 that I would try and build it up in a similar way.

There are still a few things I would add to the ASG/KJW CZ P-09 custom, built by Ehobby Asia – but holy cow tits, that’s still one awesome setup.


As any Airsofters, the promise of having new exciting gear also leads to a downfall in the content of your wallet or even worse, none on your bank account. So if…. hold up, that’s wrong – WHEN I get the funds to get one of these puppies home, I most definitely will.


On a completely different topic…

My summer wasn’t wasted totally on trying my best to be a piece of bacon in the hot frying sun – I have been somewhat proactive’ish. As I may have written somewhere before I am also a gamer in my free time and one of the games I do enjoy playing is ARMA 3. This coexists with playing Airsoft – so it’s ok to play this for a long extended period of time (NERD!).

But recently I found a new mod for it called Battle Royale – and I gotta tell ya… Its fun as hell! It basically draws inspiration from the Japanese movies Battle Royale or the kiddy friendly American Version The Hunger Games.


When the game starts, you’re thrown into a C-130 Hercules and are air dropped out of the plane when it starts to catch on fire and crashes towards the end. You and 47 other players parachute onto one of the two islands Stratis or Altis, depending on the server.  Once you land, you better start running towards the nearest buildings, because they are the only source of weapons and gear – cuz you ain’t got any! But you aren’t lucky all the time – some buildings only contain ammo or gear but no firearms. So you’re going to spend the first amount of time, scavenging for weapons, gear and ammo.



There are vehicles scattered around to aid in covering as much ground as possible before the real fun begins and the gaming area is limited to a circle. This circle is marked on your map and shrinks very 5 minutes, forcing you to be on the move at all time, because if you  stay outside the circle for too long… you die. If you do die, you’re kicked of the server – that’s right, no respawn, medic or anything. It’s game over – game over, man.



The reduction of the gaming area also forces players to move and eventually meet each other. The goal of the game, if you haven’t figured it out yet is to be the last standing survivor. So when the gaming area is reduced to something like 30×30 meters and you’re both the last two left, hiding in the bushes – well it’s nerve wrecking because some games do take up quite some time before you get to that stage where it’s only 1v1. And if you end up on a second place, after spending 45 mins running around looking for weapons, dodging other players when all you have is a silenced pistol and they all run around with full automatic AR’s, well it’s frustrating not making it to the 1’st place.

If you’re familiar with the ARMA 3 game for the PC, you’ll know it’s one of the those realistic type military games with movement, ballistics, kills and so forth. So this is totally tailored to the Airsofter gaming nerd.




So again, one of the advantages of working for an Airsoft company besides having a bunch of toys laying around all the time, getting all the gossip and inside info about the industry, is getting a good deal on those said toys.

This time around i decided myself to get the the P-09. When I did the artwork for this BadBoy – I was given the Prototype and I was sold on the spot. The solid bulk, crisp shooting and heavy slide really did it for me. Now being a seasoned Airsofter, I do of course have to get some custom work done to it before taking it out for a spin. You know how it is, it’s just gotta be your special little baby. So hopefully soon I’ll show this puppy off some more.

How I haven’t named her yet, but imma think of something soon.


My new ASG CZ P-09
My new ASG CZ P-09

Wish it was rain

Back in 2013 for MERCs – we had the pleasure of doing an 48 hour Milsim in the rain.  Right now with the hot summer sun, burning us all alive, a litte rain goes a long way. This picture was featured on ActionSportGames Facebook page found here.

Left to right

Mario – Mich –  Kireru (that’s me BTW)



Gamers tactical choice

So a few weeks ago, my old class mate asked me if I still played Airsoft – I said hell yea!
Then he asked me if I still had all my gear – I said Fuck yea!
Then he asked if the company he works for, could borrow it for a promo video – and of course I asked which company and he replied “Steelseries” – i said… No way, HELL FUCKING YEA!

I’m a gamer in my sparetime when I’m not an Operator (not the phone kind) So it was my pleasure to help out the Danish based company with some gear. Be sure to check out the video!

I am EVO

Welcome to the Evolution – Exclusive first look

So when you work for one of the biggest Airsoft companies in Europe – you get to see a lot of what goes on behind the closed doors.  But being a player myself, I got the unique chance to go out and field test the new CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 by ActionSportGames.

The model I had was a 0-series, meaning it wasn’t the final production model. I’m bound by contract not to disclose any information about the performance or review on the EVO… but i got to say it puts a lot of AEGs to shame!
So take it as a shameless plug or just enjoy these images and look forward for this puppy to hit the stores!

The pictures are super large… that’s actually a graphical technical term… Super large pictures.


IWA 2014 Report #2

Guess once you make it to Youtube interviews, you’re a bit famous. As much as I love airsoft and promoting the products and sport/hobby – I really hate seeing myself. But hey, its a small price to pay to get out and give back. 

If you got any questions to the EVO, P-09, SP-01 or the DW low power revolvers, feel free to ask.