Sunday gaming

Went out to an oldie, but goodie gaming location. The place was used a while back – but wasn’t approved by the owner nor the authorities, so we got kicked out.

Now things have changed and it seems an arrangement has been made – so game on!
I didn’t bring out my fancy (and expensive) camera rig, due to the fact it was raining heavily that day and I really didn’t know which crowd was coming… That being said, A LOT of friends actually showed up and we had a blast. So here is a few pictures from the day, hopefully my Contour camera caught some nice stuff as well – but it was grey skies and dark indoors, so I’m not sure how much is usable.


IWA 2014

Wednesday the 5th I am heading off to IWA 2014 in Germany. If you don’t know what IWA is – well it’s the European version of SHOTshow.

There will be guns, gears, booth babes, knife and bazookas… but most importantly there will be Airsoft. Which is why I’m heading down there. I’ll be covering the trade show for ASG’s Facebook page “TEAM ASG” and of course helping out at our booth 7-506.

But when I have the time I’ll be sure to post a little extra here. So stay tuned and stay frosty.