Milsim MERCs X - Sweden 2014

So… I finally got around to getting the video footage put together for a little short video… or rather a action packed trailer.

Hope you guys enjoy it, it’s really hard to get some great FPS footage when the bad guys are behind trees and bushes at a longer distance. Hopefully I’ll get out soon and film some more Airsoft games.

But until then… Airsoft on!

Gamers tactical choice

So a few weeks ago, my old class mate asked me if I still played Airsoft – I said hell yea!
Then he asked me if I still had all my gear – I said Fuck yea!
Then he asked if the company he works for, could borrow it for a promo video – and of course I asked which company and he replied “Steelseries” – i said… No way, HELL FUCKING YEA!

I’m a gamer in my sparetime when I’m not an Operator (not the phone kind) So it was my pleasure to help out the Danish based company with some gear. Be sure to check out the video!

Airsoft eps #6

FINALLY got my lazy ass around to publish the 6th installment of my ongoing videos.
This time I wanted to do something different, instead of the high light type videos, showing mass kills, headshots, knife kills and such… I wanted to show something so boring as actual gameplay.

Now, before you start bitching about the length of the video, the lack of entertainment… Remember a game is so much more than getting the kills… You got situation awareness, weapons manipulation, form and a lot of other fancy words.

So I just showing off how guys play, how boring the game can be at games before they lead up to that one sweet kill shot.

The latter part of the video, my buddy Mario actually picks up the camera and films me, which was awesome because I get to look at how I do will all those fancy words I mentioned before. And there is a lot of improvement to be made… which is ok, because I got a lot of Sundays to practice :)


Airsoft eps #5

Finally got around to fixing my buddy Mario’s helmet cam action. Took a while, I’ve been busy with work, my blog and the EVO stuff. And of course it’s summer!
Hopefully I’ll get some more airsoft time going and get some more great footage for you guys.

Thanks for watching

Airsoft eps #4

Finally got my camera rig out to film. Now remember I’m new to all this, so a lot of the footage is overexposed. But it was great to come out and try it for real.

I still haven’t gotten the UV filter for the camera has a sacrificial lens, so I stayed a lot in the back. Plus I didn’t know all the guys so I didn’t want to upset them by running right behind them. I decided to end this episode with some POV footage.

Not sure if that was the right call, it kinda doesn’t mix well with the other footage. Anyways, let me know what you think in the comment section.

Airsoft eps #3

Video time boys and girls. Spring has gotten to Denmark! And the weather is getting better and better. Sunday mayhem was good and calm. I was a bit beat that day, so I took it slow hence not that much video material. But it was nice to go out with the Contour cam once again. Probably when the next paycheck comes in, I can buy the last few remaining items to really film some awesome stuff. But until then, please enjoy the little “teaser” type video I’ve made-

IWA 2014 Report #2

Guess once you make it to Youtube interviews, you’re a bit famous. As much as I love airsoft and promoting the products and sport/hobby – I really hate seeing myself. But hey, its a small price to pay to get out and give back. 

If you got any questions to the EVO, P-09, SP-01 or the DW low power revolvers, feel free to ask.

Airsoft eps #2

Rodes Hardball heaven.
Special event “product testing day”. Went out with my coworkers to try out some new toys. My main rifle broke down, so i switched to my trusted sidearm.

Airsoft eps #1

CQB skirmish fights at Espergærde. Abandon building complex with some green in between. Was a great place for 10v10 type games.

The part at 15:15 when i start laughing like an insane person, is because the guy I spotted just before, spotted me through a window and started shootin… but the window was still intake and it took him about 5 shoots before realizing that. I thought it was funny at the moment.

Milsim "MERCs"

Some footage from the Milsim event MERC’s in sweden 2013.
The weather was really shitty with loads of rain. We had a lot of great fire fights since my factions base was located directly between two other factions.

In this clip you  see me and my team try to take the hill. Several other teams have already attempted to take the hill, you see them on the hill side bleed out.