Airsoft in Denmark

Just before Christmas was hitting stores last year in 2016, I was asked by Bill (the legend) if I wanted to do a Q&A piece for Airsoft Action about Airsoft in Denmark. Having played for over 10 years, worked in a tactical shop and currently working for ActionSportGames I tried my best to give it a go.

After spending a few hours writing the piece and several days proof reading it, I shipped off the article and now it’s live in this current issue of Airsoft Action.
Be sure to stop by and give them a like on Social Media. FYI I’m in none of the pictures since I wanted to write about Airsoft in Denmark, just in case you were wondering.

If you’re having difficulties reading the added article in the post, here’s a link to the PDF.
Internatonal Airsoft Denmark.pdf

46-48 Internatonal Airsoft Denmark.indd46-48 Internatonal Airsoft Denmark.indd46-48 Internatonal Airsoft Denmark.indd