So I got a new toy… No not the hybrid thermal night vision goggles. I would never be able to afford those… But got something even cooler.

I got myself a 3-axis gimbal, called the Ronin-M. This is for my camera setup so I can film more stable shots – and oh man it is awesome to film. If you look at my earlier videos with the Steadicam, you can clearly see a difference. I was all over the place the framing the shot.

Check out Airsoft eps #11 from last sundays gaming – a lot smoother. I still need practice and need to tweak the gimbal some more. But having this gimbal opens up the option for more promo videos for Airsoft and gear. Speaking of gear, that is something I haven’t really written much about – I’ll return soon with more on that subject.

Here’s the video(s) – it was so epic that I had to make it two parter. Enjoy