It’s 2016 and let’s start off with a Scenario game

Well it’s been a while since my last Airsoft episode video… The weather has been cold, wet and as you will see in the video… snowed up! But I finally got the chance to film at a new location for the first of many videos in 2016. For this scenario game we’re actually playing at a decommissioned school which is under construction and being rebuild as houses…. a really awesome place for a lot of different type games. BIG thanks to the great people that allowed us to play there.

In the video you’ll see one team try and escort a high valued target around the map while meeting an opposing team trying to stop them. This is more of a scenario type game and to keep things more dynamic and focus on the flow of the game some Milsim rules have been applied.

Rules like 1 revive pr. player, 2 medics pr. team, semi only and 30rds pr. magazine. This forces players to rely a lot more on teammates, tactics and it also keeps those happy trigger fingers at bay… meaning suppress fire doesn’t last 3 min with 3000 round magazines.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the video… It’s a long one I know, but it’s most definitely worth the watch since there is firefights, tactics and gear all the way through.