Airsoft eps #17 is live

It’s time for another POV Airsoft video featuring common stuff like Kills and only my gun shooting at people! It’s been seen before, but as I described in my own Video it’s all about making content. I do game a lot but it’s not often I use the footage for weekly uploads.

why PS4 Trophy Unlocks?

There are already a bunch of POV killing spree videos out there and far better YouTubers than me making those videos, but I felt like fooling around with the last gaming footage and spicing it up.

For the most part I make Airsoft videos, but at least I don’t have this desperation to make content that I start making videos about who I date or what my life looks like outside Airsoft (it’s quite boring actually).

Anyways, Airsoft eps #17 features gameplay from Hardball Heaven in Denmark. Gametype is Domination with 20 min unlimited respawns and an additional 10 min medic game.

Hopefully next time I can bring my camera rig and film some more field gameplay of others rather than my rifle filling half the screen.

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