If you read my last post you will know my POV videos doesn’t add much when it comes to innovating Airsoft videos – I mean most videos are like “point gun at person and shoot them with a Plastic BBs”, the end. Well that’s how I view most my POV videos anyways. If you add a Cyclone grenade into the mix, it really doesn’t change the formula a whole lot.

Sure kill videos are fun and can at times be a bit intense – but there are so many of them that you kinda get used to them – I do at least and to be honest there are a lot better Airsoft Youtubers out there than me… Maybe not as crazy, but they provide better content at least.

But wait what – a Sponsored kill and with a cyclone Grenade?

In a feeble attempt to make my videos more interesting I thought I would introduce something new. I try to think of new weird stuff each time, now it doesn’t always work but sometimes I manage to think of something.

Introducing Sponsored kills!

Airsoft Eire‘s Liam was kind enough to help secure me a couple of Airsoft Innovation Cyclone Impact Grenades from the first batch to hit Europe. Me and him are buds so this was a kind favor of him. So when editing my last POV footage, I thought it would be a fun feature to add like a “thumbs up” to Airsoft Eire… and what better way than that by helping them sell more stuff… Omg Sponsored kills, BAM!

Besides above mentioned grenade kills, I also shoot some people, sneak up on one guy and can’t really decide where to shoot him… soft meat or hard nylon.

Primary rifle: Systema ’08 PTW with a HERA Arms front

Secondary: Marui Custom Hi-Capa

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