FINALLY got my lazy ass around to publish the 6th installment of my ongoing videos.
This time I wanted to do something different, instead of the high light type videos, showing mass kills, headshots, knife kills and such… I wanted to show something so boring as actual gameplay.

Now, before you start bitching about the length of the video, the lack of entertainment… Remember a game is so much more than getting the kills… You got situation awareness, weapons manipulation, form and a lot of other fancy words.

So I just showing off how guys play, how boring the game can be at games before they lead up to that one sweet kill shot.

The latter part of the video, my buddy Mario actually picks up the camera and films me, which was awesome because I get to look at how I do will all those fancy words I mentioned before. And there is a lot of improvement to be made… which is ok, because I got a lot of Sundays to practice :)