Finally got a new Airsoft eps up

Airsoft eps #14 - Jyderup playing field
Airsoft eps #14 – Jyderup playing field

What’s up internet! Finally I got around to edit and upload a new video from the world of Airsoft in Denmark. This time around it’s from the Airsoft field “Jyderup” held by Holbæk Hardball Forening.

It wasn’t the biggest turnout, but we managed to get a couple of nice games anyways. I kinda found out this time around, that filming woodland type games is really difficult, because you can’t film the same intense action due to longer distances between teams.

So don’t expect extremely insane ultra action, I also edited the video to show more of the field because a lot of Danish players don’t know about it or feel the field is too far away and not worth playing on – which it total is.

Great players and a big field is also a winning combination – looking forward to go back for more gaming and filming.

Oh and yea I forgot to charge the battery for my camera, so that’s probably a reason as well for lack of more action…

Anyways hope you’ll enjoy the this Airsoft eps #14