I felt like doing a short kill streak compilation video just like everybody else does filled with way too much music.

Guns, kills and Dubstep video

Personally I quickly got tired of making those kinds of kill streak videos as they only show so much. Consider it a glorified masturbation video for your own personal use. I want to… and NEED to show more of Airsofters playing Airsoft and do more training videos showing of the more serious side of Airsoft.

There are so many levels to Airsoft – but it’s mostly the fast paced speedball videos with kill streaks or big Milsim events where you don’t really see anything happening and again.. self masturbation to whoever uploaded it (me included!). I know it’s very hard to showcase all the different kinds of Airsoft play types – but hopefully I’m on the right path to show the serious side to more people and get Denmark on the world map regarding Airsoft.

The message towards the end is my plea to all Airsofters around the world. I hope we can show Airsoft of being a serious sport and hobby. Please do more training, more serious gameplays, but in the end it’s all about having fun.

Enjoy the video – please remember to subscribe and share the video to all your Airsoft friends, both new and old players.

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