Airsoft in my opinion will always have it’s roots in the underground “fight clubs”. You know, abandoned buildings, burned down properties and rusty backyards. You meet up, random players show up and you form teams and go head to head. That’s how I got started and mostly that’s the kind I still play today.

Of course with all the troubles the world is facing these days, it’s a good idea to inform local law enforcement of your presence – just so you don’t risk having them think you’re a terrorist training camp.

Airsoft hasn’t been more popular than it is right now. With the help of social media and ‘lets face it’ video games – Airsoft is more known and reaches a lot more people. The industry has also grown exponentially the last couple of years, which also has a big factor in the grand scheme of things. And legal fields are becoming bigger and more common these days as well.

With social media and channels like Youtube, people are getting more exposed to Airsoft, learning more about the type of games and players, the products, the sport and hobby altogether.

Action cameras gives everybody the chance to show off their killstreaks with super hype dubstep music playing in the background or just show of your real steel gear and how much of an operator you are, because you bought something off Ebay… Nonetheless, the interwebs is opening a lot of channels for Airsoft and that’s great!

But with every turn, there is a flip side….

Emerging from all the hardcore Milsim types, Bro-hugs, killstreaks and wannabe operators – there is a new genre to Airsoft. I call it Pop.

With Airsoft being a ‘guy’ sport and having a lot of testosterone flowing through it, there is all of a sudden a movement of niceness and sweetness showing it’s ugly head. Now I’m not saying Airsoft is all about being an Alpha male, grunting like a caveman while wearing camo.

But Airsoft has always been the serious recreational family member of the ‘toy’ shooting hobbies. Paintball being the goofy jock brother and Laser tag being the retarded uncle that nobody invites to the party.

But now you start seeing the bunny suits out on fields, the nerf replacement guns, the red, yellow and pink camo’s, tihihi giggles and the list goes on!

Airsoft is for everybody, I will never say otherwise. And Airsoft should promote a good community, fun for everybody who wants to play it and of course respect amongst players.

But it would break my soul, if Airsoft becomes the next evolution of Paintball in the sense where it’s speeding balling through games, and then see who can be the biggest and cutest goof ball in between games… hell, probably during games too. Because that get’s more views on Youtube.

I never condone people playing airsoft acting like they are the real deal

Airsoft to me has always been a serious hobby (of course you can goof around), that has physical challenges, quick decision making, conquering fears and you becoming better at what you’re playing. And I goof around, don’t get me wrong – I’m one big goof ball, just look at some of my posts… but when the game starts, I’m in game mode. And no, I don’t mean hardcore Milsim game mode, but I take it serious and want to get the best game round I can. I don’t play for giggles and laughs or attention… well sometimes I do make a good death scene when I get shot.

But Airsoft on the interwebs isn’t about the products and gear anymore, it’s about the personalities. I’ve seen the same trend on Esports. I love playing StarCraft 2 online – but the Esport side of StarCraft 2 is all about being nice, sweet, man-love and cute gestures… on a really geeky level.

However if you look at the teams in Counter Strike, you see a whole different competitive aspect. They will curse each other out, yell and scream like GENERALS of an invading force. There is no hand hearts, no funny cute gestures to win the hearts and mind of the crowd. Usually it’s a big ‘FUCK YOU’ to the opponent, because they want to WIN!

If you want to help the sport and hobby grow, then show it for what it really is

Airsoft is a gentleman’s sport and there should always be respect for each other when out gaming. But if i triple tap somebody in the chest, I don’t go over and give them a hug and tell them they’re going to do better next time? Hell no, I scan for addition targets and move on.

Nor do I need the extra attention or find it cute to be wearing a rubber chicken on my helmet because that’s cute and unique in Airsoft. The hobby is turning into general mainstream – And with the serious crowd already being a standard setup – well you got to expand to get to the rest. So bring out the pink fluffy gloves, the “I’m adorable” patch and your inappropriate gear setup – because you just get a big ‘FUCK YOU’ from me, I’m here to shoot people in the face!

But seriously – Airsoft is pretend war… It’s an expensive and advance form of cops and robbers… basically it is :/

I never condone people playing airsoft acting like they are the real deal just because they run around with a toy rifle, maybe wear real gear and have done so for a couple of years.

However I hate it even more when people are pretending to be Airsofters pretending to be soldiers.. that’s a double negative! And it takes away the semi professionalism of Airsoft, a reputation we are still struggling to maintain. Now it’s not about becoming better at the sport, but better at selling yourself. From a marketings point of view it makes sense. From an Airsofters point of view or at least my own… you’re nothing but an attention whore.

If you want to help the sport and hobby grow, then show it for what it really is… but don’t sugarcoat it, make it more pleasurable to the general public or make it PG13.

But like I said – Airsoft is for everybody, I would just hate to see it becoming a mainstream pop thing. I still consider it a sport and a hobby and try to excel in the different aspects of it as a sport. So screw all the lights and glamour and selfies with ridiculous takes on what would make Airsoft cute and wonderful to the general public.

Thank you for reading – stay frosty.

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