About Kireru Airsoft

About Kireru Airsoft

Kireru Airsoft is about sharing the world of Airsoft and the real firearms and gear industry.  To tell the story of the hobby, sport, training tool and lifestyle that is Airsoft.

Airsoft is more than grown-ass men running around pretending to be a soldiers.

It’s about having a community that grows together in unity, having a fun time and getting to have toys for big boys. This applies to all kinds of sports and hobbies and Airsoft is no exception.

Training and understanding the serious side in Airsoft is also a main focus. For most players, Airsoft is a fun game – but for a certain few it’s a serious sport. A way to challenge themselves just like any another sport.

I’m part of an Airsoft team called SCAR Inc. We focus on training, team work and meeting new challenges and overcoming them. Now you might be thinking, what a bunch of fake Spec-Ops dildo’s… But in fact we don’t consider ourselves as soldiers far from it. But we do draw inspiration when it comes to training, team work and facing challenges from the military. And of course, we have fun doing all the things as well.

About me, Thomas

I’ve been playing Airsoft for about a decade and I’ve been working for Airsoft manufacturer ActionSportGames for the last couple of years as a Graphic Designer and management of their Social Media. I love the interaction I have with players, sharing their stories and telling ours.

Before starting at ASG, I worked as Store Manager at PX-SHOP Denmark. Besides the obvious of managing the store, I would also advice and help our enlisted men and women in picking the right gear for their needs. Unfortunately the standard issued stuff isn’t always the best, so being able to supply them with what suits them better was indeed a reward in itself.

I believe and want to show that Airsoft is  about more than plastic guns and wannabe soldiers. We don’t dress up to be like soldiers, but we do draw inspiration from the many things gained from military doctrine… things like mindset, training, overcoming challenges and teamwork.

I’m a strong believer in having the right gear and the real stuff as well. A personal goal of mine is to get rig of all the “knock-offs” in my kit and only rock the real stuff. No, that doesn’t mean a real rifle or ballistic plates and all that. But gear manufactures spent a great deal of time and money in making their gear, so buying the fake stuff is just a big slap in their face.

So I might promote real brands a lot more than the Airsoft version – but in no way to I judge others in their choices in brands… I just try to preach that you support the real manufactures first as much as your wallet allows you to.

Follow me as I show the many aspects of Airsoft through pictures, video and articles.