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Airsoft in Denmark

Just before Christmas was hitting stores last year in 2016, I was asked by Bill (the legend) if I wanted to do a Q&A piece for Airsoft Action about Airsoft in Denmark. Having played for over 10 years, worked in a tactical shop and currently working for ActionSportGames I tried my best to give it a go.

After spending a few hours writing the piece and several days proof reading it, I shipped off the article and now it’s live in this current issue of Airsoft Action.
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If you’re having difficulties reading the added article in the post, here’s a link to the PDF.
Internatonal Airsoft Denmark.pdf

46-48 Internatonal Airsoft Denmark.indd46-48 Internatonal Airsoft Denmark.indd46-48 Internatonal Airsoft Denmark.indd


Project Gecko CQB Level 1 - Denmark | Video Compilation

Project Gecko CQB Level 1 – Denmark | Video Compilation

I finally got around to edit together some great footage from the first CQB course by Project Gecko (PG) held in Denmark. I hosted the event with a selected few participants during the course of a weekend.

I will do a review video later on, so I won’t get too much into details about the course but I can say it was phenomenal! The whole course was taught with real world tactics and situation in mind – Airsoft guns were simply just a tool replacing live fire guns. I loved the fact that this wasn’t about being better at Airsoft – but learning something new through hard work and proper mindset… something I would love to do more of it the future.

But until I start on that path enjoy the video and hopefully I’ll get that video review up soon.

Project Gecko Denmark 2016

Finally it is official!

Now that all the bills, agreements and people are in place… I can finally say that I’m proud to be hosting the first ever Project Gecko course in Denmark. So July 2016 Project Gecko (PG) will be coming to Denmark to teach their CQB Level 1 course.

I’m really looking forward to not only getting a better insight on how to problem solve (CQB situations), but also get a new fresh take on the mindset that real world operators have.

The course is at  time of writing this article just a week away – once the course is done I’ll be posting pictures, videos and my impression of the course. Until then here is a teaser trailer of we can expect from the course.


OneTigris Dump Pouch review

OneTigris – Tactical dump pouch review

A few weeks back, I received a review sample from OneTigris – the item I got was their “Tactical MOLLE Magazine Ammo Dump Recovery Pouch Utility Accessory Pouch”… at least that’s what it says on their homepage.

I decided to make an video about it – actually it’s my very first review video I’ve made. I can’t say to many negative things about the dump pouch. It does what it’s suppose to and even adds in some other options. The pouch which only comes in black at the moment is made from what I can see is high quality.

I didn’t have years to test it out and see how it holds up after a long period of use and abuse, but if it’s half as good as previously owned dump pouches it’s going to last you several years and for the price it will cost you – that’s a bargain.

Now black isn’t you see a lot of these days. Real world operators (man that word) don’t usually use black that much anymore and usually Black gear doesn’t get the same anti-IR treatment. Since I don’t have a pair of NVGs I can’t tell you if this particular pouch as a lower IR signature than other dump pouches on the market. But that’s a bit geeky, so we’ll just say we don’t need a low IR signatur for now.

Anyways I hope you’ll enjoy the video and be sure to link and subscribe to my YouTube channel and hopefully I’ll be bringing you guys more videos in future.

Airsoft eps #18 | Sponsored Cyclone grenade kills, twitching deaths & indecisive stealth shot

If you read my last post you will know my POV videos doesn’t add much when it comes to innovating Airsoft videos – I mean most videos are like “point gun at person and shoot them with a Plastic BBs”, the end. Well that’s how I view most my POV videos anyways. If you add a Cyclone grenade into the mix, it really doesn’t change the formula a whole lot.

Sure kill videos are fun and can at times be a bit intense – but there are so many of them that you kinda get used to them – I do at least and to be honest there are a lot better Airsoft Youtubers out there than me… Maybe not as crazy, but they provide better content at least.

But wait what – a Sponsored kill and with a cyclone Grenade?

In a feeble attempt to make my videos more interesting I thought I would introduce something new. I try to think of new weird stuff each time, now it doesn’t always work but sometimes I manage to think of something.

Introducing Sponsored kills!

Airsoft Eire‘s Liam was kind enough to help secure me a couple of Airsoft Innovation Cyclone Impact Grenades from the first batch to hit Europe. Me and him are buds so this was a kind favor of him. So when editing my last POV footage, I thought it would be a fun feature to add like a “thumbs up” to Airsoft Eire… and what better way than that by helping them sell more stuff… Omg Sponsored kills, BAM!

Besides above mentioned grenade kills, I also shoot some people, sneak up on one guy and can’t really decide where to shoot him… soft meat or hard nylon.

Primary rifle: Systema ’08 PTW with a HERA Arms front

Secondary: Marui Custom Hi-Capa

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Airsoft eps #17 | PS4 Trophy Unlocks, Kills and Foul Language

Airsoft eps #17 is live

It’s time for another POV Airsoft video featuring common stuff like Kills and only my gun shooting at people! It’s been seen before, but as I described in my own Video it’s all about making content. I do game a lot but it’s not often I use the footage for weekly uploads.

why PS4 Trophy Unlocks?

There are already a bunch of POV killing spree videos out there and far better YouTubers than me making those videos, but I felt like fooling around with the last gaming footage and spicing it up.

For the most part I make Airsoft videos, but at least I don’t have this desperation to make content that I start making videos about who I date or what my life looks like outside Airsoft (it’s quite boring actually).

Anyways, Airsoft eps #17 features gameplay from Hardball Heaven in Denmark. Gametype is Domination with 20 min unlimited respawns and an additional 10 min medic game.

Hopefully next time I can bring my camera rig and film some more field gameplay of others rather than my rifle filling half the screen.

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IWA 2016 - After Action Report | Part one

IWA 2016 report

Now that the dust has settled and all the hype is dying down, I can finally take the time to write about my experience about the trade show.

As you may or may not know I was there working the ActionSportGames booth at IWA 2016… working the floor, showing off the products and giving those ever joyful interviews.

This year I had a blast at IWA – I won’t lie I ran around acting like an idiot doing all kinds of crazy deadpool things (more of in part two)

Now I didn’t just work the booth, I also had the chance to walk around and see some cool stuff and talk to some great people both Airsoft and real steel.

Enforce Tac

Before IWA got off the LEAF only trade show Enforce Tac was held on the 1st floor at the convention center. It’s a small trade show, where companies show off all the goodies. How I got a ticket for that… well that’s going to remain a secret. Let’s just say, I know people and deep dark secrets even though I just work with Airsoft.

So when you’re at a LEAF only event…. and you don’t have military budget most companies don’t really want to bother with your questions and interest in gear. Which is fair enough, they are there to get big government contracts, NOT talk to some gear nerd about stuff he can never afford. On that note… Boy there were some nice toys I will never afford.

I didn’t get too many pictures (again companies don’t like posers or in my case a broke civilian) but here is what I noticed at Enforce Tac.


First off, German based Tritac showed off their “Plattenträger”… I’m not even going to try and translate that. As you might have noticed right away it’s very similar to the S&S precision Plateframe. The cut of the skelenton mid-frame and mag pocuhes have different cuts but all in all the “Plattenträger” is definitely inspired by the Plateframe.



Now where the “Plattenträger” is very different is the amount of fabric. The Plateframe has a lot of hypalon design which is really appealing to LEAF users that operate in water or very wet conditions. This keeps the operator (I know, overused word) at a minimal weight when getting wet. If you thought your tactical vest, with pouches filled up and ballistic plates were heavy, then try submerging it and see how it feels. The Plateframe really keeps added water weight down.

The “Plattenträger” has some nylon fabric as its base design but it’s still not a lot compared to your standard plate carries but when it comes to wetworks or maritime type operations the Plateframe still favors in my opinion.

Walking around and looking at all the scary brands like HK, Thales, L3 and so on, I spotted Holosun. I was surprised to see them there, Holosun has always been in my opinion ‘not really’ but still a real steel optics company but not Airsoft either. You don’t see them out a lot on real guns – I don’t, at least not in europe and a lot of Airsoft retailers sell them so that might give off a distorted perspective on their products – but they had some new things I’ve haven’t seen before and it surprised me in a very positive way. 


Not that their products are bad, but just didn’t expect to see them at a LEAF only show. Now they had some really interesting products I wasn’t expecting from them. Usually you just see their optics out on the fields so it was a pleasant surprise to see they had more to offer.

IMG_2304IMG_2305 IMG_2306

What was really interesting was to see their line of laser/lights devices. They offered the lasers both as visible and IR. The lights were also very high in lumens, some at the high point of 1000 lumens. Now for outdoor use, a high number of lumens are always appreciated and of course blinding bad guys at the right end of the rifle. However for CQB environments the 1000 lumens is sure to give you backlight and blind you or your fellow mates.


Nonetheless, the products they are putting out are very interesting and should definately be on your watch-list.

IWA 2016

Ok so this is all about IWA right, well let’s get to it then. But before I start on all the other goodies let me show you this one first.


The MTEK – FLUX V carbon helmet. Man oh man, I’ve been waiting to get my dirty hands on the FLUX for some time now.


Now the FLUX helmet was displayed at IWA by CS Consult Group at the top secret LEAF only floor at IWA. Getting on that floor required LEAF credentials or invite. Luckily CS Consult Group was gracious enough to give me the OK to stop by and I still had my Enforce Tac ticket to grant me access.

CSCG also had some of the nice gadgets from Silynx. Silynx makes in-ear protection headsets and PTTs. Now I haven’t tried them, but the designs are really small and easy to use. (I’ll post some pictures later on)

The biggest thing I really wanted to check out was the liner and fit. It’s a work of art when looking at the insides and it fits my skull like a dream. Now my head might be lucky even though my face isn’t. Look how happy I look… 


Taken from Mtek's facebook pageLiner/Padding picture courtesy of Mtek – I was a bit of a rush, because I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to take pictures… Top secret stuff was going on there!


But in all seriousness it was a very comfortable fit, I did have some concerns with it not having the same dial system as Team Wendy’s CAM FIT Retention System but the fit wasn’t an issue what-so-ever. Plus the liner pads allows for custom fitting so if your skull doesn’t give a snug fit, you have the option of fitting it  better to your needs.

Team Wendy

Now that we’re on the helmet subject, I also stopped by Team Wendy… where I did get to try out the CAM FIT Retention System. I tried out the EXFIL ballistic helmet and it’s a damn nice helmet as well. The people at Team Wendy are always super friendly and really accommodating, this is my 3 year at IWA and they’ve always greeted me with a smile and happy to answer my questions.

IWA 2016 Team Wendy

I was amazed of how easy the CAM FIT system works – you simply pull out the dial at the back, turn it to tighten it your skull and… well that’s it. Fast, easy and it works.

IWA 2016 Team Wendy IWA 2016 Team WendyThe liner of the EXFIL is sweet as well. I won’t lie, Team Wendy does it right. The helmet is a nice and very comfortable fit – Its padding/liner looks like your skull is going to be swimming in pink teddy bears – to be honest, that’s not the case. The futuristic look is more about impact than comfort. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very sweet fit and total comfortable to wear for a long period of time.

Staying on the Helmet subject I also got to see the MOHOC camera. 



In case you’re unfamiliar with the MOHOC this is a milspec camera made for LEAF operations. It’s built to withstand the conditions commercial action cameras buckle under. One of the most important features on the camera is the option to rotate the lens to accommodate the placement of the camera on the helmet. For me personally I like having it on the side to give a better PORV…point of rifle view, yea I just made that up.


Another really sweet feature is the option to use CR123A batteries instead of the included one. This is great because it allows you record a lot more without having to buy proprietary batteries. It’s attached to the helmet by velcro and the slightly curved design really makes it hug the helmet. The App for your smart devices isn’t out yet, but should be very soon.

End of Part one

Airsoft EPS #15 | Scenario gameplay Milsim rules

It’s 2016 and let’s start off with a Scenario game

Well it’s been a while since my last Airsoft episode video… The weather has been cold, wet and as you will see in the video… snowed up! But I finally got the chance to film at a new location for the first of many videos in 2016. For this scenario game we’re actually playing at a decommissioned school which is under construction and being rebuild as houses…. a really awesome place for a lot of different type games. BIG thanks to the great people that allowed us to play there.

In the video you’ll see one team try and escort a high valued target around the map while meeting an opposing team trying to stop them. This is more of a scenario type game and to keep things more dynamic and focus on the flow of the game some Milsim rules have been applied.

Rules like 1 revive pr. player, 2 medics pr. team, semi only and 30rds pr. magazine. This forces players to rely a lot more on teammates, tactics and it also keeps those happy trigger fingers at bay… meaning suppress fire doesn’t last 3 min with 3000 round magazines.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the video… It’s a long one I know, but it’s most definitely worth the watch since there is firefights, tactics and gear all the way through.

HERA Arms 15" IRS Keymod review - Kireru Airsoft

Before I start with the IRS Keymod review I just want to say I haven’t written or made any reviews before – since I’m employed by a Airsoft company I never planned to make reviews for the company’s products which would be considered biased or for other companies which would be a breach of contract. So I never really had reviews in mind with this blog or my Youtube channel. 

On that same note nobody really sends me stuff to review nor do I ask for it either… well maybe once. So for the IRS Keymod review, it’s all on me.


IWA 2015

I was there working the booth with ActionSportGames, now in case you don’t know ASG – we are one of the biggest companies that deal with Airsoft and Airguns in Europe. One of the company’s strongest assets is our exclusive license agreements with real firearms manufacturers.

One of those manufacturers is German based HERA Arms.

HERA Arms stands for ‘Highgrade European Research for small ARMS’ – and boy, where do I start with these guys.

I’ve talked to these great guys several times at IWA14 and IWA15 – and they are always accommodating and humble. Last year, I stopped by their booth and had a chat with Thomas from HERA. He showed me some of their new stuff for 2015. One of these items was the new Keymod front for the AR platform called IRS. Intergrated Rail System – Keymod.

And guess what…


HERA Arms IRS Keymod review 16

HERA Arms 15″ IRS Keymod

When I saw it for the first time I was sold right away. Not only sold on the IRS but also on Keymod in general which I had been avoiding up till then. Right from the first glance, it looked sturdy, slick and slim. When I felt it in my hands as a standalone part, I was blown away again. This has to be one of the narrowest Handguards on the market. The 15” is a featherweight fighter at only 9,2 oz or 760 grams, that’s roughly a 110 grams heavier than a Iphone 6 Plus. Yet it feels more than solid enough to be used and abused in most environments found on earth unlike the Iphone.
Made out of high-quality aluminium, CNC milled and hard coated anodized for added strength, this is a must have for tactical and competitive shooters – and Airsofters of course.

HERA Arms IRS Keymod review 10

Total diameter of the IRS Keymod is 38.04mm – now i have medium size hands with long skinny fingers so this Handguard is a pure pleasure to use the overhand grip on.

HERA Arms IRS Keymod review 1

Bonus fact – the IRS Keymod is 2.07ish mm thick.

Yes I use Magpul Dynamic overhand grip for Airsoft, not for better recoil control but my body mechanics just works better that way so give it a rest. And the IRS Keymod is PERFECT for that kind of weapon control. I can image that more beefy medium/large size hands would love holding this handguard as well since it would fit even better into a bigger palm and give you better control.

HERA Arms IRS Keymod review 3

If you aren’t into the overhand grip, then there are plenty of Keymod grips on the market or Keymod rail sections and then the sky’s the limit. As you can see on the picture below the Keymod holes are made after what appears the right specs.

HERA Arms IRS Keymod review 15

The precision of the chamfer slot looks well and the Keymod nuts fit in nicely and locks well. Something to note, not all manufacturers make the Keymod chamfer after true specs as this requires more work and thus bumps up the price.

The IRS Keymod comes with it’s own proprietary barrel nut. But it’s simple in terms of installment and rock solid. The IRS Keymod uses the clamp system to mount the front to the barrel nut. This is where some concern does pop up. The clamp solution for handguards is usually a “shortcut” way of mounting a free float front as it doesn’t require additional machining or timing/shimming of the nut.

HERA Arms IRS Keymod review IRS 17

Why it might spawn some concern is because this puts stress on top of the rail or the sides when you tighten it at the bottom, kind like stretching the metal. For the purpose of just mounting it, this isn’t an issue. But running this on a real firearm where you fire off a lot of rounds and heat up the gun, things start to expand or you are using the system in very cold weather where metal contracts could give off a lot of stress on the IRS Keymod. But the IRS system is clamped in place with 3 hex screws at the bottom, which should be more than enough to ensure that the IRS doesn’t contract or expand too much and put a lot of strain on the top part or the sides. The clamp wings are also long and thick which should take a lot of the stress from the sides and top of the rail when used under heavy pressure. I’m in no way technical qualified to write such a statement – just don’t trust everything you read online.

HERA Arms IRS Keymod review 6

I don’t want to sound like a fanboy already, but I’m pretty sure German engineering shines through with the IRS Keymod.

Once the barrel nut is in place, you simply place IRS Keymod over it and tighten the 3 hex screws at the bottom and one at the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock position. I’m thinking the 9 and 3 o’clock hex screws helps with relieving the pressure when used under heavy stress.

The ridges at the back doesn’t serve any particular purpose – if I had to guess they are there to aide you when holding the rifle by the magwell or for people with Hobbit length arms.

Now back to the slim design.

Back in the day with the chunky bulky handguards, they were all the rage! The bigger – the better, right? Nowadays it’s all about low weight, streamlined design and superior quality – and the IRS Keymod doesn’t let down on any of those buzz words.

HERA Arms IRS Keymod review 14

With the IRS Keymod being so slim in profile, adding a suppressor might be a problem especially if you want a shorter barrel to accommodate a longer suppressor. The inner diameter of the IRS is 34.49mm which doesn’t give off a lot of room.

HERA Arms IRS Keymod review 9

There are suppressors that fit in it, including HERA Arms own suppressor – so be sure to go check out their stuff at

For me, the lightweight and slim design really made holding the rifle a pleasure and getting sights up on target easy and fast. The 15” model might seem a bit too long for some, as you can see my flash hider (made by ASG – the Vulcan Ref. 17966) precludes ever so slightly out of the IRS Keymod. The 15” isn’t a problem as I’m a tall guy and have long arms. Plus the added length to the weapons platform and amount of keymod slots is perfect as this gives me an unprecedented amount of options. Whether it be adding accessories or simply having more space to place my hand is a bonus.

HERA Arms IRS Keymod review 7


I’m not going to bring up the pros and cons list – because they differ from person to person. We’re all built differently, have different body mechanics and different budgets when it comes to firearms – both real steel and Airsoft.

I love this rail, this should be clear in my review and I’m not being biased because it’s somewhat work related due to our license agreement with HERA Arms. But the IRS Keymod just fits my needs perfectly. Airsoft is a fast, yet tactical shooting sport and the IRS is designed for exactly that.

The only “con” that I can think of is that the keymod section (not the holes) is a little too clean cut and has a sharp feel to it. It’s not a problem for casual shooting at the range, but during high pressure situations where you might hold your grip a bit tighter, could cause some cuts to your hand. Problem solved if you’re wearing a glove. But It would be a shame to have your rifle be the cause of gear getting torn up due to the sharp handguard. This isn’t new at all, all handguards featuring keymod or rail systems have this “flaw” and that’s why we have rail/keymod covers… well at least one of the reasons why we have them.

HERA Arms IRS Keymod review 8

I’ve been running this front ever since I’ve gotten it and it’s always performed… meaning it hasn’t broke. And believe me I’ve banged it, tossed it, lost it and dropped it way too many times that I want to admit. It’s got the battle scars to prove that I should never hold a baby in my hands. Yet even though it’s been through a lot of abuse it still get’s the job done. I’ve added a short silencer as well which gives it a better look… because we all know it’s all about the looks.

HERA arms IRS Keymod review

So to finish it all off. Great Keymod front, excellent design and quality. Gives you a bunch of options, easy to mount and if you get one – all your friends will envy you. Mine sure does.



Video diary from the Milsim held at Jyderup, Denmark

Danish Milsim event held at Jyderup.

First off, let me warn you – the video is boring as fuck. If you think all Milsims have a BBQ, a ton of pickup trucks with turrets on the roof top and small villages used by the military… well think again. Some Milsims are actually… well Milsim.

The OP was a 40 hour mission, where I and my team (SCAR Inc.) were part of a NATO force sent to recon the evil Russians (rebels).

Our ROE rules were that we were only allowed to shoot back to defend ourselves. Since this was a Recon mission, we had to stay low and clear of all sorts of contact. Our main mission to find HVT both soft and hard.

We were dropped off-game on a public road at 8:00pm, here we to get ready and await the GO to step in-game.

By the time we got ourselves into the AO, it was already dark. We quickly established a FOB or BSO – our the guys with NVGs could do late night recon.

Once the next day stared all Teams were sent out to recon the area.

For the most of day 2, recon reports got sent back and firefights were at a minimal. Several objectives were spotted and taken care of accordingly.

My team (SCAR Inc.) we managed to go from one point of the map to the other with almost no enemy contact (fire fight) and no casualties. That’s pretty impressive considering we started our mission from 06:00am till around 01:00pm. By this time we tired and needed to head back to refuel.

Day 3 was more intense as we were given more aggressive orders to take out key players on the Russian faction.


Overall it was hard even though the trigger wasn’t pulled as much as a usual gaming day. But the challenges we took upon were physical and mental exhaustion – fatigue was our main enemy in most cases.

Anyways – a lot does happen at a Milsim and a AAR can’t cover all of it, so enjoy the video and hope to write you guys more soon.