Things are coming to Kireru!

I have been quiet lately with posts, I know. I’ve been busy with work and I attended the Air Assault course by Project Gecko. The course was awesome and I’m waiting on some more footage so I can make my review and overview of that course… which was AWESOME!


Today I received what I can only call the most epic Mail Call ever! I am truly blessed to know people that believe in my goals and vision with my blog and Youtube Channel. Although my subs are in the low numbers, I still strive to deliver great content.

Today I got this exotic package labeled… well “Big Black something”.

Combat Systems CZ Combat Pants G3 M81 Woodland | Unboxing

Combat Systems CZ Combat Pants G3 M81 Woodland | Unboxing

The good people over at Combat Systems CZ were awesome enough to send me a pair G3 Combat Pants for testing and review. Now I know a lot of fan boys will start screaming “Crye or die!” – let me be clear about something even though this isn’t the review part or the right article to rant about it. Crye makes very good products, but their camo options and availability is often very limited. So in my case I was looking to get a pair of M81/Woodland Combat Pants because I needed a new pair of Combat Pants for the Air Assault Course in end May. I needed the open knee style and had great quality in mind so my pick of brands were limited.

Enter Combat Systems CZ

I’m always a bit skeptical when it comes to replicas – I’ve seen them for many years and I keep questioning the built quality. But recently more and more companies pop up that are making reproductions of certain products. Usually I would say it’s just a matter of semantics; Replica vs Repro.

But upon receiving the Combat Pants from Combat Systems CZ, I gotta say I’m very optimistic and very surprised of the quality and feel of their product. Even so much that I might dive even more into their product line in the future.

Unboxing first | Review later

Now these pants are nice, the stitching looks great, the feel is nice and the M81 pattern looks to be spot on. But these pants will take some time to work through before giving my review on them. So please follow my blog, Subscribe to my Youtube and stay frosty.


Project Gecko CQB Level 1 - Denmark | Video Compilation

Project Gecko CQB Level 1 – Denmark | Video Compilation

I finally got around to edit together some great footage from the first CQB course by Project Gecko (PG) held in Denmark. I hosted the event with a selected few participants during the course of a weekend.

I will do a review video later on, so I won’t get too much into details about the course but I can say it was phenomenal! The whole course was taught with real world tactics and situation in mind – Airsoft guns were simply just a tool replacing live fire guns. I loved the fact that this wasn’t about being better at Airsoft – but learning something new through hard work and proper mindset… something I would love to do more of it the future.

But until I start on that path enjoy the video and hopefully I’ll get that video review up soon.

Project Gecko Denmark 2016

Finally it is official!

Now that all the bills, agreements and people are in place… I can finally say that I’m proud to be hosting the first ever Project Gecko course in Denmark. So July 2016 Project Gecko (PG) will be coming to Denmark to teach their CQB Level 1 course.

I’m really looking forward to not only getting a better insight on how to problem solve (CQB situations), but also get a new fresh take on the mindset that real world operators have.

The course is at  time of writing this article just a week away – once the course is done I’ll be posting pictures, videos and my impression of the course. Until then here is a teaser trailer of we can expect from the course.


OneTigris Dump Pouch review

OneTigris – Tactical dump pouch review

A few weeks back, I received a review sample from OneTigris – the item I got was their “Tactical MOLLE Magazine Ammo Dump Recovery Pouch Utility Accessory Pouch”… at least that’s what it says on their homepage.

I decided to make an video about it – actually it’s my very first review video I’ve made. I can’t say to many negative things about the dump pouch. It does what it’s suppose to and even adds in some other options. The pouch which only comes in black at the moment is made from what I can see is high quality.

I didn’t have years to test it out and see how it holds up after a long period of use and abuse, but if it’s half as good as previously owned dump pouches it’s going to last you several years and for the price it will cost you – that’s a bargain.

Now black isn’t you see a lot of these days. Real world operators (man that word) don’t usually use black that much anymore and usually Black gear doesn’t get the same anti-IR treatment. Since I don’t have a pair of NVGs I can’t tell you if this particular pouch as a lower IR signature than other dump pouches on the market. But that’s a bit geeky, so we’ll just say we don’t need a low IR signatur for now.

Anyways I hope you’ll enjoy the video and be sure to link and subscribe to my YouTube channel and hopefully I’ll be bringing you guys more videos in future.

Airsoft eps #18 | Sponsored Cyclone grenade kills, twitching deaths & indecisive stealth shot

If you read my last post you will know my POV videos doesn’t add much when it comes to innovating Airsoft videos – I mean most videos are like “point gun at person and shoot them with a Plastic BBs”, the end. Well that’s how I view most my POV videos anyways. If you add a Cyclone grenade into the mix, it really doesn’t change the formula a whole lot.

Sure kill videos are fun and can at times be a bit intense – but there are so many of them that you kinda get used to them – I do at least and to be honest there are a lot better Airsoft Youtubers out there than me… Maybe not as crazy, but they provide better content at least.

But wait what – a Sponsored kill and with a cyclone Grenade?

In a feeble attempt to make my videos more interesting I thought I would introduce something new. I try to think of new weird stuff each time, now it doesn’t always work but sometimes I manage to think of something.

Introducing Sponsored kills!

Airsoft Eire‘s Liam was kind enough to help secure me a couple of Airsoft Innovation Cyclone Impact Grenades from the first batch to hit Europe. Me and him are buds so this was a kind favor of him. So when editing my last POV footage, I thought it would be a fun feature to add like a “thumbs up” to Airsoft Eire… and what better way than that by helping them sell more stuff… Omg Sponsored kills, BAM!

Besides above mentioned grenade kills, I also shoot some people, sneak up on one guy and can’t really decide where to shoot him… soft meat or hard nylon.

Primary rifle: Systema ’08 PTW with a HERA Arms front

Secondary: Marui Custom Hi-Capa

Enjoy the video and please subscribe to my YouTube channel, Like the video and comment.

Airsoft eps #17 | PS4 Trophy Unlocks, Kills and Foul Language

Airsoft eps #17 is live

It’s time for another POV Airsoft video featuring common stuff like Kills and only my gun shooting at people! It’s been seen before, but as I described in my own Video it’s all about making content. I do game a lot but it’s not often I use the footage for weekly uploads.

why PS4 Trophy Unlocks?

There are already a bunch of POV killing spree videos out there and far better YouTubers than me making those videos, but I felt like fooling around with the last gaming footage and spicing it up.

For the most part I make Airsoft videos, but at least I don’t have this desperation to make content that I start making videos about who I date or what my life looks like outside Airsoft (it’s quite boring actually).

Anyways, Airsoft eps #17 features gameplay from Hardball Heaven in Denmark. Gametype is Domination with 20 min unlimited respawns and an additional 10 min medic game.

Hopefully next time I can bring my camera rig and film some more field gameplay of others rather than my rifle filling half the screen.

Enoy the video and please subscribe to my Youtube Channel


Airsoft EPS #15 | Scenario gameplay Milsim rules

It’s 2016 and let’s start off with a Scenario game

Well it’s been a while since my last Airsoft episode video… The weather has been cold, wet and as you will see in the video… snowed up! But I finally got the chance to film at a new location for the first of many videos in 2016. For this scenario game we’re actually playing at a decommissioned school which is under construction and being rebuild as houses…. a really awesome place for a lot of different type games. BIG thanks to the great people that allowed us to play there.

In the video you’ll see one team try and escort a high valued target around the map while meeting an opposing team trying to stop them. This is more of a scenario type game and to keep things more dynamic and focus on the flow of the game some Milsim rules have been applied.

Rules like 1 revive pr. player, 2 medics pr. team, semi only and 30rds pr. magazine. This forces players to rely a lot more on teammates, tactics and it also keeps those happy trigger fingers at bay… meaning suppress fire doesn’t last 3 min with 3000 round magazines.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the video… It’s a long one I know, but it’s most definitely worth the watch since there is firefights, tactics and gear all the way through.

Video diary from the Milsim held at Jyderup, Denmark

Danish Milsim event held at Jyderup.

First off, let me warn you – the video is boring as fuck. If you think all Milsims have a BBQ, a ton of pickup trucks with turrets on the roof top and small villages used by the military… well think again. Some Milsims are actually… well Milsim.

The OP was a 40 hour mission, where I and my team (SCAR Inc.) were part of a NATO force sent to recon the evil Russians (rebels).

Our ROE rules were that we were only allowed to shoot back to defend ourselves. Since this was a Recon mission, we had to stay low and clear of all sorts of contact. Our main mission to find HVT both soft and hard.

We were dropped off-game on a public road at 8:00pm, here we to get ready and await the GO to step in-game.

By the time we got ourselves into the AO, it was already dark. We quickly established a FOB or BSO – our the guys with NVGs could do late night recon.

Once the next day stared all Teams were sent out to recon the area.

For the most of day 2, recon reports got sent back and firefights were at a minimal. Several objectives were spotted and taken care of accordingly.

My team (SCAR Inc.) we managed to go from one point of the map to the other with almost no enemy contact (fire fight) and no casualties. That’s pretty impressive considering we started our mission from 06:00am till around 01:00pm. By this time we tired and needed to head back to refuel.

Day 3 was more intense as we were given more aggressive orders to take out key players on the Russian faction.


Overall it was hard even though the trigger wasn’t pulled as much as a usual gaming day. But the challenges we took upon were physical and mental exhaustion – fatigue was our main enemy in most cases.

Anyways – a lot does happen at a Milsim and a AAR can’t cover all of it, so enjoy the video and hope to write you guys more soon.

Danish Milsim approaching soon

Milsim approaching

Man, oh man… Have I been busy with a lot of things.  I’ve been busy with a lot of training with the team – SCAR Inc. in case you were wondering. It’s awesome to get back to some basic fundamentals with weapons handling and reaction shooting again – refining the old moves is nothing but beneficial to your gameplay. We’ve also been doing some CQB training since we had the opportunity to train at the indoors field at ‘Hardball hallen’.
Hardball hallen airsoft
We’re getting more into training videos as we are filming the sessions and hoping to share our journey with the world and show off Airsoft as a serious sport. And just like any sport, training is must if you want to become better. We’re filming mostly for the teams YouTube channel, but I’ll put the videos on my own playlist so it might generate some traffic both ways. But finally getting to film these videos with the guys is just awesome. So hopefully soon we’ll be putting out a lot of great training videos for you guys.

Another thing that has been taking my time away is Metal Gear Solid V for the PC. That game is just way too easy to pick up and start playing for a few… many hours. I highly recommend you get try it out as it has a lot to offer in terms of gameplay, story and basic tacticool ingame stuff.


But the main focus right at least for the next couple of days will be an upcoming Danish Milsim event. The overall basis for the OP is NATO vs. Russian rebels.

The event will be a 40 hour Airsoft Milsim at Jyderup forest field – a real Milsim… not that baby shit stuff they do State side. NATO will not have a FOB – so what we bring, we gotta carry because we gotta use it. Tents, sleeping bags and food. So for the OP, I’ll be freezing my ass off while sleeping on a rock…. weee!

Looking forwards to what might be the last Milsim of the year, so hopefully the weather gods will smile upon us and we’ll have some great moments.