In a continuing series of articles, where Combat Stance is being analysed by the good people over at Project Gecko, I found something worth noting.

Doing it over and over and over… again

I’m not going to copy paste the content of the article or overanalyse the already well written piece on Combat Stances. I suggest you click on the link and read the whole thing yourself (including part 1).

No what I wanted to highlight was this particular sentence:

“To learn a simple movement it takes 300-500 repetitions. To change the learned procedure it takes about 5000-7000 reps and as soon as you get tired you fall back into the old pattern.”

Now the reason why that stuck to my brain better than cheesecake to my fat ass, is that this is a very overlooked mantra. By that I mean, there are several LEAF personnel and Airsofters that skip training, especially when presented with something new. They try it once and go “nope”.

This comfort level of denial creates a bad mindset and culture in which whatever you have learned or perceived as “”right” doesn’t always mean it is – nor does one attempt at something new mean you can completely disregard it.

Now the article does raise some questions on preexisting stances and argues with both sound logic and use science to backup their argument – one which I’m all for myself. All I wanted to share was a mind twitch on the whole repetition part because I don’t get to train as much as I want too these days so keep in mind that the brain needs to be reminded on how things are done – especially when it’s something old you’re trying to replace. This doesnøt only apply to your combat stance but also gear setup, reloading procedures, body condition and so forth.

Of course there are certain things that are dead wrong like wearing 3 carabiners on top of your Plate Carrier because you then have the option to rappel whenever you like to or tangled up in just about everything – or wearing a leg holster on the front of your tight because fuck prone right?

A lot in how we work and train still remains in the realm of dynamic conditions. Learn to think that way and train your brain to accept new things before disregarding them. Test yourself and your gear and gain a better understanding.

Link to the Article

Stay safe