Combat Systems CZ Combat Pants G3 M81 Woodland | Unboxing

The good people over at Combat Systems CZ were awesome enough to send me a pair G3 Combat Pants for testing and review. Now I know a lot of fan boys will start screaming “Crye or die!” – let me be clear about something even though this isn’t the review part or the right article to rant about it. Crye makes very good products, but their camo options and availability is often very limited. So in my case I was looking to get a pair of M81/Woodland Combat Pants because I needed a new pair of Combat Pants for the Air Assault Course in end May. I needed the open knee style and had great quality in mind so my pick of brands were limited.

Enter Combat Systems CZ

I’m always a bit skeptical when it comes to replicas – I’ve seen them for many years and I keep questioning the built quality. But recently more and more companies pop up that are making reproductions of certain products. Usually I would say it’s just a matter of semantics; Replica vs Repro.

But upon receiving the Combat Pants from Combat Systems CZ, I gotta say I’m very optimistic and very surprised of the quality and feel of their product. Even so much that I might dive even more into their product line in the future.

Unboxing first | Review later

Now these pants are nice, the stitching looks great, the feel is nice and the M81 pattern looks to be spot on. But these pants will take some time to work through before giving my review on them. So please follow my blog, Subscribe to my Youtube and stay frosty.