It’s the simple things in life that makes you happy. In my case it’s a new Outer Barrel from Fight Club Custom that makes my life a little better.

Fight Club Custom | Outer barrel 9″

FCC have been around for a while, but it seems I’m late for the party. I’m probably one of those ol’ school types that never really gets too much new stuff. FCC graciously sent me one for review – even though it’s a very simple piece of kit for your PTW, the quality and feel is still magnificent.

The set contains the outer barrel, CCW and CW threaded screws, O-rings for better stability and air seal.  Small hex screws for better fitting the Outer Barrel to the different kinds of upper receivers on the market and the barrel pin.


FCC_outer_barrel_5Now the length of the SYSTEMA Outer barrel vs the FCC outer Barrel doesn’t make weight comparison fair due to obvious reasons. But looking how a few inches can make such a gap the weight difference does really make you appreciate the aluminum built FCC barrel – whereas the SYSTEMA is made out of steel.

I’ve been running my SYSTEMA PTW since ’08 and only changed the handguard, buttstock and body. People were amazed of the weight it packed, so the new FCC outer barrel truly is a blessing for my weak bitch wrists. Props does go to SYSTEMA for their original PTW parts, my 08 model has performed great for 8 years and running – the only problem being the infamous motor issue.



Dimensions on the outer barrel is spot on. There might be a small difference going on with a plus side for the FCC, but we’re talking “Inner Space” off-specs, so it wont make any difference.



Custom fitting it

The small holes on the receiver end of the barrel are for the hex screws mentioned earlier. They help adjust the small differences in the 3.party upper receivers and eliminate wobble. Something you see more and more from FCC is them trying to make their products fit as many different PTW configurations as possible to best serve customers… and they do it well.


Installing the FCC Outer Barrel is easy. It requires the tools you should have in your gun box anyways. If you were wondering about the shorter outer barrel when you’ll see that I have my blaster set up to accommodate the “integrated suppressor”. It goes really well with the HERA Arms IRS 12″ M-Lok front.

Like I mentioned before this is a simply piece of kit. It’s a outer barrel and fairly easy to install. If you can’t figure out how to install it it might be because your parents still follow you to school. That being said although it is a simply accessory for your blaster it still has a good built quality and feel – with the addition of doing some custom fitting the outer barrel from FCC is a great choice!