Oh man, it’s been a while since my last entry. To recap my life a bit, I’ve been hella busy with work – like insane busy. Also my girlfriend moved in a few weeks ago, so that’s been taking up some time and energy. And lastly I’ve had my wisdom tooth pulled which isn’t a big thing but in this case the tooth grew onto my jaw and had to be surgically removed. So now I have 3 stitches in the corner of my mouth.

Anyways summer time is getting close but here in Denmark we still have a little cold weather. And last time I went out gaming… I noticed a lot of gas pistols struggling to fire a full mag.

So here is a little tip that I thought off a while back. Never really tried it myself.

Heated USB pads! If you have an external USB battery backup like I do (onsite Contour+phone charging) then you half way already.
5000mah_dual_usb_ekstern_batteri_backup_power_bank_charger_8_stik_til_ipad_iphone_nokia_samsung4Having one of these USB batt. packs with you gives you the option to… well charge anything that can use a USB cable.

Now how does that help with gas guns? Well like this:
thanko-usb-futon-heated-mouse-pad-2A PAD! A heated PAD! You plug the pad onto your USB batt. pack and it heats up. Add gas magazines into the mix and you have nicely warm mags to fire up when needed. Now the laws of physics don’t allow the mags to be forever warm, but it sure does beat you having to put the magazines under your arm pits, sit with a lighter and roasting them or simply leaving your pistol gas gun at home.

These pads aren’t new and there are a wide variety of them out on the market. This particular pad is interesting because, it flexes and bends. So if you really needed a little extra heat during cold weather, you could place it inside your vest in the plate pocket.

Anyways, just a little crazy idea i had a while back that i wanted to share.

And I know, I owe you a bunch of pictures from IWA. They’re in my ‘do it, you lazy dick’ inbox.