Finally got around to post some pictures from the night game last Saturday. You might notice a lot of NVG’s – well you got to use them at some point. I got to borrow a pair oof PVS-7’s by Ronin.

Night time games are always special to play. When two teams with NVGs meet in a dark Forrest… well it’s like a bunch of retarded kids playing war – limit FOV, depth perception is off, IR lasers and lights are all over the place, you bang your leg into a bunch of stuff… But it’s all worth it to see green people!
People were great and the field was hella cool as well. Be sure to check out if you live in Denmark for more details on where and when… well once they get their homepage up and running.

Now, in my last post I wrote i had a little something special, which I do! Just need the final GO before I can post it… so stay tuned.