I’m writing this a few days after I got back, so most of the trade show still sits fresh within my skull. But the amount of people, conversations and information that went through my brain the last couple of days has been overwhelming.

IWA 2017 | After Action Report

Now I have no clue where to start, the whole trade show was nuts as most trade shows usually are. I didn’t walk around and get to look at as many booths this year like I usually do. Main reason for that is simply time management is very limited. I do work the ASG booth and my presence was required a lot more than the previous years.

Now the show is hectic – no way around it. There is not enough hours in the day to capture it all nor is there enough days to experience it all.

During the evenings after the show ends I usually went out to dinner with the ASG team or I met with friends within the industry – after food had been consumed, a pint of Guinness would follow afterwards at Finnegans, the notorious Irish Pub.


Now there were a few days before the show really took off where I managed to hit the gym… probably not the best idea since you’re basically drained and sore all over… but fuck it. Gains, right?


HOT new items at IWA 20117

Now I didn’t get to go around so much and spot all the new hot items especially not the Airsoft stuff. But I did manage to spot a few. Being with ASG I’m not going to give you the inside scoop on what’s new in the Airsoft business but rather the gear and firearms industry instead… which I prefer doing more and more.



First up was this very sweet looking Thermal Mono google – the TILO-3 by Andres Industries. It attaches to a helmet via Gopro mounts so there are many options as to where and how to mount it also when thinking of non-helmet applications

20170305_160254TILO-3This unit features the thermal vision and white flash light and runs around 2.5-3 hours with the onboard battery. A battery pack is planned to be released later on. There are different versions to different types of usage like Firefighters and LEAF – of course with more advance features and specs. Pricing for a more civilian version starts at 2000€. Some might say that’s a bit too much, but this is one hell of a nice unit.


UF Pro

20170304_13174520170304_131739UF Pro  had a few new things to show off this year – most notably the new color scheme for 2017.  The color is called Frost Grey and is a light tone grey. Mostly meant for Urban environments, the lighter tone mixed with the darker folds create a nice blend for more mountain based operations as well.




Now HOLOSUN had this red dot on display and comes in two versions; HS530CHS503G with the difference of one unit having “Automatic reticle intensity adjustment in Solar Mode”. Now this combo of Micro dot with a 26mm lens is just brilliant. All of it sitting inside a titanium housing, this dot will for sure turn heads once released sometime in Q3.




HERA ARMS showed off the new CQR stock and front grip at SHOTshow 2017 – it’s been leaking on the interwebs but it’s official release definitely made people go nuts. I saw it last year in its prototype stage at IWA 2016 and my reaction then like now is “this is going to rock the firearms industry”.

HERA Arms is one of ASG’s licenses, so who knows what the future might bring.

Now I’m not into space age designs for the looks, but having trying it out first hand at IWA 16/17 there is a function side to this kit. It is very ergonomically designed and works really well with CQB type AR’s. The stock is solid and shoulders well and is adjustable with different pads added. The front grip is nice to hold as both pistol grip style or C-clamp. Once videos start coming out of this being used in actual livefire drills, people not into “spacey” designs will want to give it a go.

20170306_224451On another HERA Arms note, the ever so generous guys at HERA donated a new front to me. The IRS 12″ M-lok. Oh yes, so pretty. 2 years back they donated a 15″ IRS Keymod to me and I fell in love with it on the spot.  If you happen to miss my review on the 15″ model – click here

Overall the shorter front is lighter, duh?! – but first hand impression is that it’s more comfortable to hold as well. You really gotta like the markings on it as well, you can tell HERA Arms really takes a lot into consideration with their products.

What can I say… I’m a fan boy!


One last thing that caught my attention was the MantisX.


IMG_4606_largeI didn’t get the chance… or I rather forgot to take some pictures of this little ‘laser like’ device. Now this is not a laser device but a sensor that measures all kinds of vibrations and variables and gives the shooter feedback via a smartphone app. Right now it’s still in it’s baby steps phase. A lot more features are going to be released and once they do I’m seriously looking to get one. The device is made to help real steel shooters look at the data on how their gun reacts to trigger pull/recoil. The data feedback provides suggestions as to how to improve your shooting stability. The cool thing is, this device is so sensitive it works with dry fire and Airsoft. Ya Airsoft!


Now for my own personal preference I would love to see how my shooting can improve and so forth, but that kind of training can only get me so far within a certain time frame… However I have had contact with MantisX on Facebook and they’re hinting that future upgrades of the firmware or app or whatever might include Shot timers, something that has long been needed in the Airsoft world especially for serious players looking to train and develop the sport more. If the device can tell the difference between running and actually shooting, shot timers combined with shot date would be extremely nice to have.


Ok then, that kinda rounds up IWA 2017 for this time around. There was a lot more going on, I didn’t have the chance to walk around as much as the previous years… apparently people kept wanting to talk me, which I’m grateful for. But keep an eye out as KIRERU AIRSOFT is undergoing some changes in the near future.


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