Finally got settled again after the Big Game/Milsim MERCs in Sweden. There was a great show of players this year, with about 7 in-game vehicles on each faction.

We were about 200 players that showed up for the game and it was a blast. I wish I could have shot some action video with my rig, but bringing the stabilizer and my Canon 70D out to a 48 hour Milsim in a Swedish forest would have been way too stressing for me.

We quickly got our camp up and running, with some of us squatting in tents that were provided on-site and others bringing their own. This year was different since our camp was off-game while previous years they were in-game. This was both a pleasant change and a let down. It’s nice to be able to take of your glasses, enjoy your food and taking a rest when needed without worrying about getting shot in the face. However the thrill and suspense that an enemy team might attack your camp was also missed.

Me and my team SCAR Inc. did what we could to provide our command with the best options available by doing all the missions we were handed. Averaging 24 hours without sleep, we completed all our missions and even volunteering to do lesser action-packed ones like guarding our command HQ at night.

This year we were certainly pushing our bodies and minds beyond what we were used to and succeed regardless. So a big personal WIN for each and all of us.

Here are some pictures from the game. Hopefully E22 (Karsten) will finish off our video from the game showcasing a lot more action.



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