OneTigris – Tactical dump pouch review

A few weeks back, I received a review sample from OneTigris – the item I got was their “Tactical MOLLE Magazine Ammo Dump Recovery Pouch Utility Accessory Pouch”… at least that’s what it says on their homepage.

I decided to make an video about it – actually it’s my very first review video I’ve made. I can’t say to many negative things about the dump pouch. It does what it’s suppose to and even adds in some other options. The pouch which only comes in black at the moment is made from what I can see is high quality.

I didn’t have years to test it out and see how it holds up after a long period of use and abuse, but if it’s half as good as previously owned dump pouches it’s going to last you several years and for the price it will cost you – that’s a bargain.

Now black isn’t you see a lot of these days. Real world operators (man that word) don’t usually use black that much anymore and usually Black gear doesn’t get the same anti-IR treatment. Since I don’t have a pair of NVGs I can’t tell you if this particular pouch as a lower IR signature than other dump pouches on the market. But that’s a bit geeky, so we’ll just say we don’t need a low IR signatur for now.

Anyways I hope you’ll enjoy the video and be sure to link and subscribe to my YouTube channel and hopefully I’ll be bringing you guys more videos in future.