Strike Force Energy Drink

Sir Richard Bell of gave me a few packs to try out while at IWA 2017. If you’ve ever been to a tradeshow you know that when it becomes evening time you are drained.

I took a couple of these packs at the show and tried a few while back home and I gotta say they do help you get through the day. Do they make you a ultra Seal Delta Marine? no they don’t.

But they do contain some goodies like caffeine, vitamin B6, B12 and Taurin – everything a big boy needs to get through the day.

Taste is decent and let’s you know you’re drinking something with a punch. But if you’re used to drinking coffee or pre-workouts they might not give you that biggest boost. The Strike Force Energy Drink isn’t a miracle drink, but they might just help you out a bit. They are easy to store away and take with you and cost barely anything. So be sure to try one out if you get the chance.