Danish Milsim event held at Jyderup.

First off, let me warn you – the video is boring as fuck. If you think all Milsims have a BBQ, a ton of pickup trucks with turrets on the roof top and small villages used by the military… well think again. Some Milsims are actually… well Milsim.

The OP was a 40 hour mission, where I and my team (SCAR Inc.) were part of a NATO force sent to recon the evil Russians (rebels).

Our ROE rules were that we were only allowed to shoot back to defend ourselves. Since this was a Recon mission, we had to stay low and clear of all sorts of contact. Our main mission to find HVT both soft and hard.

We were dropped off-game on a public road at 8:00pm, here we to get ready and await the GO to step in-game.

By the time we got ourselves into the AO, it was already dark. We quickly established a FOB or BSO – our the guys with NVGs could do late night recon.

Once the next day stared all Teams were sent out to recon the area.

For the most of day 2, recon reports got sent back and firefights were at a minimal. Several objectives were spotted and taken care of accordingly.

My team (SCAR Inc.) we managed to go from one point of the map to the other with almost no enemy contact (fire fight) and no casualties. That’s pretty impressive considering we started our mission from 06:00am till around 01:00pm. By this time we tired and needed to head back to refuel.

Day 3 was more intense as we were given more aggressive orders to take out key players on the Russian faction.


Overall it was hard even though the trigger wasn’t pulled as much as a usual gaming day. But the challenges we took upon were physical and mental exhaustion – fatigue was our main enemy in most cases.

Anyways – a lot does happen at a Milsim and a AAR can’t cover all of it, so enjoy the video and hope to write you guys more soon.