So what’s been going?

Well to be honest not a whole lot. Been hella busy at work (I’ll get back to you on that one), so I haven’t been gaming a lot of BB wars lately. Weather is really shit right now, we’re talking cold ass conditions and I’ve been sick for a few weeks now. I got hit by the flu and it hasn’t really left my body. Being snotty is a pain in the ass for sure, so going out to sub zero degrees doesn’t help the recovery period very much.

To best illustrate how cold it is, here is a picture I took while gaming a couple of weeks ago:
cold as fuck

The need to have a flame near you, kinda indicates you probably should stay home in your bed and not go play pretend war. But that being said, I did have a good time – but the lighting was low, the open flame did create some smoke and such so taking pictures and filming wasn’t really worth the effort. Plus my ride was packed, so I had to pack lightly meaning no camera rig.

However, exciting news in the near future. IWA is coming up!

For those that don’t know – IWA is the European version of ShotShow and I will be attending for the second time with work. I will be at the ActionSportGames booth 7-510 March 6-9th.

Oh the joy! To be surrounded by so many great people and get to see all the goodies in both Airsoft and the firearms industry. Living in Denmark kind of limits your access to real firearms, so I’m really hyped about getting to see it all again.

This is also the reason why I’ve been so busy. I’ve been busy getting things done for before IWA and getting things done for IWA – but hopefully after IWA the temperature in Denmark reaches above 00 degrees and I’ll be getting more Airsoft stuff out to you guys.


Stay frosty